We are pleased to provide college instructors with a desk copies for use in your classes. We can provide you a spiral-bound print Stylebook, a subscription to AP Stylebook Online or both.

To request desk copies, fill out our online form here (https://www.apstylebook.com/desk). To qualify for a desk copy, your college bookstore must purchase the spiral-bound book for students from our website. We will look for a corresponding bookstore order before approving your request.

Would you like to learn more about using AP Stylebook Online with your students? Click here to view a webinar discussing AP Stylebook Online in the classroom.

We do not offer a teacher's edition or suggested syllabuses (AP style is syllabuses, not syllabi). We sell AP Style Quizzes, but it is intended for individual use, not classroom. The platform doesn't allow you to administer quizzes to your students and see their performance and the quizzes don't randomize the questions. It is an inexpensive study aid, though, and can help students see where they might need more work.

We now update our spiral-bound Stylebook every other year, adding new listings and updating existing ones. The 56th edition of the AP Stylebook includes about 300 new and updated entries, including a new chapter on covering polls and surveys. The ISBN number is 978-0-917360-70-1. Additions and changes include:

Nearly 300 new or revised entries.

  • A new chapter on inclusive storytelling: its importance and how to achieve it.
  • Detailed guidance on writing about people with disabilities and disabled people.
  • Many updates on immigration, the coronavirus, gender and race-related coverage, including the capitalization of Black and expanded use of singular they.
  • A revised chapter on religion, with guidance on when Catholic rather than Roman Catholic should be used on first reference.
  • A thoroughly updated chapter on using social media for reporting.

The AP Stylebook Online is a searchable, mobile-friendly version of the AP Stylebook with online-only bonus features, including Ask the Editor where you can ask your own questions and search thousands in the archives and Topical Guides with helpful tips on news events ranging from the royal wedding to World Cup. As AP updates its style throughout the year, users can get email updates and easily review the new entries and recent changes section online.

As the administrator of a site license, you can enter your own style entries or add notes to AP’s listings and all your students will be able to see your additions. You can also simply use a single subscription as your Stylebook resource so you can search, browse and customize it, and so you don't have to carry a heavy book to campus for class.

We would love to hear how you use AP Stylebook in your classroom. Traditionally the Stylebook was a journalism text, but now we see it in broadcast, public relations and integrated marketing programs. Drop us a note to let us know how you teach AP style and what would help you and your students. 

We invite you and your students to engage with the Stylebook: Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, sign up for our monthly e-newsletter and make suggestions for additions or changes to AP style.

Your college bookstore can find information about ordering the spiral-bound print Stylebook here: https://help.apstylebook.com/a/solutions/articles/66000154498.