The 55th edition of the AP Stylebook is now available for you to order with these features:

  • You don’t need our college bookstore code to place your Stylebook order. For many years, you had to keep track of a Stylebook bookstore code or wait for us to manually review your order to get the wholesale price. That's gone now.
  • You can use your UPS or FedEx shipping account number if you prefer, instead of paying us for shipping.
  • You can pay by e-check. Choosing ACH will mean faster processing of your order compared with mailing your check payment. We still take credit card, check and money order, too.
  • A customer dashboard that gives you easy access to your past order receipts to print or download, as well as your tracking information for current orders.

To take advantage of the Stylebook website features, you need to create a college bookstore account. Registration is easy. Simply enter a contact name, bookstore name and email address, and choose a password. On the third and final page of registration, enter your reseller tax ID number to qualify for the college bookstore rate.

Once your account is registered, you will get the bookstore rate every time you place an order.

Look for "Don't have an account yet?" on the right side of our homepage. If you don't have your reseller ID number handy, you can create your account and edit it later.

If you've forgotten your username or password since you placed your last order, you can do an automated reset or submit a support ticket (, or call 833-249-5020.

A note for Follett bookstores: Follett headquarters will send us your order and payment, we will use your FedEx Collect account number and we will not charge shipping on your order. When you submit your order to headquarters, you do not need to include shipping charges. For additional guidance for Follett stores, click here (

We also offer information for college professors (

AP Stylebook order FAQs for college bookstores:

The Associated Press offers wholesale prices to college bookstores for our spiral-bound AP Stylebook. The wholesale price for the 55th edition of the Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law is $21.50 per book, plus shipping. 

You can find your shipping rate by adding your products to the shopping cart and entering your state and ZIP code in our checkout area. You will have the opportunity to choose your shipping speed to set your shipping rate.

Retail price, printed on the back of the book, is $26.95.


You can place your order online at

We have a self-serve invoice feature to serve those customers who need to pay by check. Choose “check” as your payment type in step four and we will email you an invoice PDF, complete with shipping charges.

We will ship your books once we receive payment, so paying by credit card or e-check will get you your books more quickly.

We have a new mailing address for checks:, Inc.

237 A St #78951

San Diego, CA 92101-4003 

Please make your check payable to

We will ship your books as soon as we receive your check. Please include a copy of the invoice or the invoice number in the check’s memo line to speed your order processing.

We do not accept purchase orders. We must receive payment before we will ship books. 

You can enter your purchase order number in our order form for your reference, if you like.


If you need a W-9 form or have other vendor forms that must be completed, please submit a support ticket (

If you have ordered the AP Stylebook from us in the past, you might remember you needed a college code to qualify for our wholesale rate.

We no longer ask you for a college code – instead, you will need to enter your reseller tax ID in your new customer profile. Once we review your account, you can place repeated orders at the wholesale rate without entering that ID each time.

When you complete your order online, we ask for your email address. We will email you your tracking number so you know when to expect your books.

We encourage you to enter an email address you check regularly, so we can keep you updated on your order status. You can also check your order status on your dashboard at any time.

We will email you a receipt when we process your order, and our packing slip includes pricing details.

If you need another copy of your receipt later, visit your account dashboard, where you can view orders, add a credit card on file, enter a collect shipping account and more.

We encourage you to only order the exact quantity you need, as we do not accept returns due to overstock.

To request a desk copy for professors using the AP Stylebook in their classes, please fill out our desk copy request form or ask a department assistant to fill out the request, which asks for name of the professor, class name(s) and an email address for the professor.

We have 24/7 customer support, including a self-service online help center and personal support via phone and email. We hope you will find it easy to get your Stylebooks, but if you have questions or concerns, our support team is there to help.