AP Stylebook Study Guides are intended for individual use, not for the classroom. 

The platform doesn't allow you to administer quizzes to your students and see their performance, and the quizzes don't randomize the questions. They are not designed to be printed and shared.

The Study Guides can be helpful as a study aid, though, and can help students see where they might need more work. 

If you would like your students to subscribe to AP Stylebook Study Guides, you could encourage them to take specific quizzes to help them learn certain concepts. Users are allowed to retake each quiz as many times as they like, so they could repeat until they have learned the material.

Each quiz covers a specific topic with multiple-choice questions. Once user clicks submit on their answer selections, the user can see which questions they got right or wrong, along with an explanation for the correct answer and the corresponding AP Stylebook Online entry.