If you set up your digital subscription to automatically renew each year and get the lowest available rate for your subscription, you can check the status of your account and update it any time by logging into the My Products Dashboard. 

Subscribers who sign up for auto renewal receive a 20% discount on their first-year rate, basically providing them with the renewal rate from the start. The discount does not apply to subsequent years.

We attempt to auto renew your subscription about 10 days prior to your expiration date so you'll have time to update your auto renewal information without any interruption to your service. We will email you if your automated renewal fails and let you know why it failed.

We also send out email reminders starting 60 days prior to your auto renewal date to remind you of the upcoming renewal. You can make changes to your upcoming order by following the link in that email or by going to My Products Dashboard up until your renewal goes through, 10 days before your expiration date.

If you don't want auto renewal any longer, you can turn it off at any time. You can find your auto renewal status in the “My Products” section of your Account Dashboard.

If you don't have your subscription set to auto renew yet, you can check that box when you renew next time.