Procurement officers, administrative assistants and third-party vendors can place orders on behalf of someone else via our online e-commerce tool.

If the user has an existing subscription to one of our digital services, they should get an email with a renewal link when the expiration date is approaching. If they forward you that email, simply follow the link and it will allow you to renew the subscription for the user without having to log into their account. You can then pay online with a credit/procurement card or ACH/e-check, or create a PDF invoice to mail in with your check payment.

If you do not have a renewal link for a subscription or if you are placing an order for a new subscription, include the recipient's information during checkout in the "Third Party/Gift Order" box shown here:

You will need list a physical mailing address for spiral-bound books, but for digital services, you just need to add a name and email address for the user. Including the user's name in this box shown above will credit the order to the end user instead of you.

If you still have questions regarding third-party purchases, please submit a support ticket ( or call 833-249-5020 for assistance.