At the end of the checkout process, you should receive an onscreen confirmation that includes your order number. 

You should also receive an email receipt of your purchase at the email you entered in the order form. If you don't see that email, please check your spam folder as customers frequently find their emails there.

If you did not see the confirmation screen or receive the confirmation email, it is possible your transaction was not completed. You may also receive an onscreen error message, such as "Credit Card Declined" or "Unable to connect to credit card transaction gateway." If one of these errors appear, please try to determine if the card is still valid or correcting any errors displayed.

If you used a credit card for payment, you might want to check your account to see if a charge went through.

If the process is stuck with a status circle continually rotating, please try restarting your browser and placing your order again.

If you are not sure if your order went through and would like assistance, please submit a support ticket ( or call 833-249-5020 for assistance.