With an individual subscription, a single user has access to their own account and can add their own custom entries and notes visible only to them. Individual subscribers cannot share their custom content with other users.

Site licenses have several advantages for groups or teams:

  • You can add custom entries and custom notes that all of your site license users can see. No more relying on emails and memos for your local style updates.
  • A single order or renewal covers everyone, rather than multiple users all having to pay for their own accounts. 
  • The price per user goes down as your number of users goes up.

The site license subscriptions are administered by an account manager, or point of contact, that your organization chooses. An account manager can assign multiple account managers to the account.

We offer named-user site licenses and concurrent-user site licenses. If you need help determining which kind of site license is best for you, learn more about the two options.

You can also try our shopping assistant to find the best option for your needs: https://store.stylebooks.com/apstylebookonline.html