Created in partnership with three experienced AP style instructors, AP Stylebook Study Guides will step you through quizzes covering key Stylebook topics in both the mechanics of writing and the more complex issues of quality storytelling.

Mechanics covers areas such as grammar, capitalization, punctuation and numerals to help you learn the nuts and bolts. Content dives deeper into language and writing, with topics including inclusive storytelling, health and science, business, religion and more.

Automatic scoring shows you the relevant AP style rule so you’ll know why the answer is right. The goal isn't rote memorization but understanding how to find and apply the guidance you need.

Features include:

— Automatic scoring when you submit your answers, telling you not only which questions you answered incorrectly but the style rule that applies to each question. You can see the full Stylebook entry that's relevant
— Records of your score on each quiz you have taken, so you can see what topics you might need to review
— Ability to retake each quiz as often as you like to keep working on your style skills
— Mobile optimization so you can use your subscription on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet
— Social media sharing on your quiz results to make it easy to brag about your style knowledge

AP Stylebook Study Guides quizzes cover topics including:
—  Capitalization

—  Commas
— Hyphens
— Numerals
— Inclusive storytelling
— Disabilities
— Health and science
— Differences between the AP Stylebook and the Chicago Manual of Style
— Myths about AP style rules

— And much more!