AP Stylebook Online has a rich resource for answering your AP style questions: Ask the Editor.

Using this tool, you can search the extensive archive of past questions and answers, as well as ask your own question. We get more questions than we could reasonably answer, and many of them are repetitive of answers we've tackled multiple times before, so we look for the questions that will help the most subscribers by either addressing a topic that isn't in the AP Stylebook or demonstrating how to apply an AP style in real-life practice.

We focus almost all of our AP style answering on Ask the Editor, so that subscribers get the benefit of that archive. We occasionally answer questions on social media, if they seem timely or important.

We make an Ask the Editor FAQ, as well as our most recent answers, available to all users: https://apstylebook.com/ask_the_editors#ask_faq

We do not answer AP style questions here; our customer support focus is on your purchase and use of our products.