Pricing for AP Stylebook Online is available for individual subscribers and site licenses starting at 10 users and up. The more seats you purchase, the lower the cost per user.

The annual subscription cost is also determined by whether you want to include access to Webster's New World College Dictionary.

We offer two types of site licenses: 

1) named-user licenses.

2) concurrent-user site licenses. 

Named-user licenses require each user to have their own login for access. 

Concurrent-user site licenses do not require individual logins but have a custom URL (e.g. and access to the custom URL is restricted by the broadcast IP range you provide us with.

Discounts are available for new customers who sign up for automatic renewal. Additional discounts are available on individual subscriptions for members of trade organizations: ACES, PRSA, SPJ, AAJA, AHCJ and RTDNA. Current AP members receive a discount on all individual and site license subscriptions.

For more information on how to qualify for discounts, please visit our discounts page:

For help finding the best option for you, please visit the product page (, which includes a shopping assistant that will walk you through the various product configurations and show you your rate.

Here is a chart of our current rates.

If you need help with AP Stylebook Online pricing, please submit a support ticket ( or call 833-249-5020 for assistance.