AP Stylebook Online and the print AP Stylebook are separate products and are purchased separately.

However, if you buy the spiral-bound AP Stylebook, 56th Edition, from us on apstylebook.com, you will still receive a claim code to sign up for email alerts so you can keep informed of style changes throughout the year as the AP Stylebook editors make them. We used to offer these emails exclusively to AP Stylebook Online subscribers, but now extend that to customers who buy the print AP Stylebook from us on apstylebook.com.

If you do not receive a claim code after a book purchase, please check your spam folder it would have come from support@apstylebook.com. If you still have not received it, please submit a support ticket (https://help.apstylebook.com/support/tickets/new) and we can investigate it for you.

If you've already purchased a print edition and now want to enroll in automated book delivery, please go to "My Products" page (https://www.apstylebook.com/licenses) and you should see an option to enable automated book delivery, select the quantity of books, shipping method and credit card on file for the automated book delivery purchase.