Automated book delivery ensures you are the first to get each new edition and at 20% off the general order rate.

To join automated book delivery, check the "Save Money While You Stay in Style" box and add the print edition to your shopping cart. A 20% discount will be applied to your purchase. 

Once your order is completed, we will keep your credit card, shipping and billing addresses, quantity and shipping method on file. This information can be edited via the "My Products" ( page in your Account Dashboard.

Approximately three weeks before the publication date for the next edition, you will start receiving email notifications reminding you of the upcoming release so you can update your automated order: shipping and billing information, your credit card on file, quantity and shipping method. If you no longer want automated delivery, you can cancel before we bill you.

We will process your order about a week before the publication date, so you will receive the new edition before it is available for sale. And you will get the new edition at 20% off as well.