An AP Stylebook Online site license must have at least one account manager, but you can add several if you would like to share the responsibilities.

Administrators can add custom entries and notes that all users can see. They can renew your account, including changing the size and features of your account. They can also add billing email contacts to an account who will receive renewal notifications.

Your site license account manager has the ability to add and remove users, and can set each person's permissions to either account user or account manager. This functionality is on the "Manage Users" page in the Account Dashboard:

Account users can access digital subscriptions they've been granted access to, but cannot modify the user list or add custom content that is available to everyone.

Go to the user you want to update, select the role (manager or user) you want them to have and click "save."

To remove an account manager or account user from your account all together, click the "leave account" link below that user. Click OK when the pop-up window asks you to confirm removing the user.

Concurrent-user site licenses do not require listed account users. Concurrent-user site licenses just go to the custom URL for their account to access (as long as they are coming from a broadcast IP that is included in the range for access). More information about concurrent-user site license access is available here:

If you need help with adding, removing or updating account administrators, please submit a support ticket( assistance.