AP Lingofy is an automated style-checking tool for web browsers, developed by Tansa in collaboration with The Associated Press.

If you don’t use an online editor, you can use the Check Text feature built into Lingofy.com for exactly this situation. Check Text is a simple online editor that allows you to proof copy with Lingofy, even if you prefer to write in Word or any other offline solution. You can also copy and paste text from any program into your own browser-based editor (such as WordPress, Blogger, etc.) and proof with Lingofy.

The Check Text tool allows you to proof copy within the Lingofy Manager, even if you haven’t installed the Lingofy extension button in your browser. 

You can do that by logging into the Lingofy website; your Lingofy username and password are different from your apstylebook.com username and password.

For more detailed information please visit this article on Lingofy's website:


If you need help with Lingofy, please submit a support ticket (https://help.apstylebook.com/support/tickets/new) or call 833-249-5020 for assistance.