AP StyleGuard is an automated style-checking tool for Microsoft Word or Outlook, developed by Tansa in collaboration with The Associated Press.

Please refer to our FAQ page on how to install StyleGuard for a user without administrator privilege: https://styleguard.com/faq/kb/faq/

StyleGuard needs to be installed under the user profile. We generally recommend that admins install StyleGuard following the steps below after logging in as the user who is going to use StyleGuard:

Please click the links below to install StyleGuard manually following the steps:

1. http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=178957 (.Net Framework 4.0)

2. http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=140384 (Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime)

3. Download and run the appropriate installer for your Office application(s):


If it is not possible to grant install privilege to the StyleGuard user, you can use an sgdebug.exe tool that you can download from: https://styleguard.com/download/sgdebug.exe

To use the tool, the admin should first install StyleGuard under the admin profile on the machine, then run sgdebug.exe and use the "save current user StyleGuard settings" to save the registry setting to a directory that everyone can access, along with a copy of sgdebug.exe. After the intended StyleGuard user logs in, run sgdebug.exe and use the "import saved StyleGuard settings" to import the registry setting. (Note: the files saved by sgdebug.exe can be deleted after the import.)

As the last step, the user will need to run Word, switch to the StyleGuard tab, click on the 2020 AP Stylebook icon and activate StyleGuard for his/her own use.