AP Lingofy is an automated style-checking tool for web browsers, developed by Tansa in collaboration with The Associated Press.

Yes, AP Lingofy, the proofing tool that checks your writing on popular web browsers, now includes a plug-in specifically for Google Docs.

Users asked and our developers listened. Now you can use Lingofy’s powerful proofing engine to make sure you’re following the AP Stylebook and your own custom style when you write or edit in Google Docs.

If you’re a Lingofy subscriber, it’s easy to get started:

  1. Go to the Lingofy page in the Chrome store.
  1. Click the FREE button and follow the on-screen installation instructions. You can install the Lingofy tool using any Google email address you use.
  1. Then go to Add-ons in the Google Docs menu, then Lingofy and select Start. If you don't see this option, open a document then try again.

  1. Use your AP Lingofy credentials to sign into Lingofy for Google Docs. Here you must use the email address you used when you subscribed to Lingofy and your Lingofy password. If you forgot your password, simply click "forgot password" to reset. 

  1. You can now check for AP style in Google Docs! Go to Add-ons in the Google Docs menu, choose Lingofy, then AP Stylebook.

If you aren’t an AP Lingofy subscriber yet and you’d like to proof as you write and edit in Google Docs, learn more about our style-checking tools including AP Lingofy, AP StyleGuard for Word and AP StyleGuard for Outlook.