AP Stylebook Online concurrent-user licenses use two forms of security: We set up a custom URL like apstylebook.com/your_company_name and you tell us the IP address(es) your team members will use to access your account.

If you have users working remotely, make sure you provide us with the broadcast IP for your VPN so we can include it in your IP range list for access. Then your users can log in through your VPN or proxy server for easy access. 

If you have users who work remotely off your network range and do not use a VPN or proxy server, you can assign them an individual login account. For each individual account you assign, the total number of available concurrent users you have decreases by one. For example, if you have a 25-seat concurrent-user site license and assign five individual accounts with a login, up to 20 concurrent users could access the site concurrently. Adding named-user can be done by an Account Manager via the "Manage Users" (https://www.apstylebook.com/account/account_members) section of the Account Dashboard and making sure they are assigned a seat in the subscription via the "My Products" page (https://www.apstylebook.com/licenses).

Please make sure your proxy is allowing traffic from *.apstylebook.com so images, css and JavaScript load from these subdomains.

EZ Proxy users: Make sure your configuration file is set up like this:

T AP stylebook online
U https://www.apstylebook.com/your_custom_url
DJ apstylebook.com
HJ www.apstylebook.com
RedirectSafe assets.apstylebook.com
RedirectSafe media.apstylebook.com

and the page should load properly.

If you need help configuring your concurrent-user license or would like to add IP addresses to your secure list, please submit a support ticket (https://help.apstylebook.com/support/tickets/new) or call 833-249-5020 for assistance.