The spiral-bound AP Stylebook is updated and published every other year, in late May, right after Memorial Day.

The current print version is the AP Stylebook, 56th Edition, which was published in June 2022. The ISBN for the 56th edition of the AP Stylebook is 978-0-917360-70-1 and it is available now.

We used to release a new spiral-bound book every spring. We changed to publishing every other year in 2020.

AP Stylebook digital services are updated throughout the year as style changes and updates are made. AP Stylebook Online subscribers can receive email alerts as changes and new entries are made to the Stylebook.

Basic Books publishes a perfect-bound paperback AP Stylebook, and distributes it via retail bookstores, both online and bricks and mortar. It is nearly identical to the AP version, without our spiral binding. The ISBN for the Basic Books 56th edition of the AP Stylebook is 9781541601659 and is available here.