AP Stylebook Online is a subscription-based service so the first step is placing an order on our self-service e-commerce website for the version of AP Stylebook Online that suits you.

After you complete your order, you will receive an activation email from help@apstylebook.com

– click the link in that welcome email to create your username and password.

If you do not receive your activation email, check your spam filter and if you don't find it there, please submit a support ticket or call our Help Center at 833-249-5020.

Current subscribers with an individual subscription or named-user account can log in at https://www.apstylebook.com with your username and password.

Named-user site license subscribers receive an activation email with a link to an account manager view where you can add and remove individual users. Each user you add will receive an activation email, as well, to set up his or her username and password.

You or your account manager can add additional users to a named-user license via the "Manage Users" page in the Account Dashboard (https://www.apstylebook.com/dashboard). Users with access to your site license will appear in the "Seat Assignments" link for your subscription in the "My Products" section of the dashboard.

Concurrent-user site license subscribers provide a broadcast or public-facing IP range where users access a custom URL such as apstylebook.com/yourorganization. Users only need to go to that URL from the designated IP range to use the service, with no username and password needed.

If you have a concurrent-user site license and need to add IP ranges for access, please submit a ticket or contact tech@apstylebook.com.